Popular Crappie Fishing Baits

Contrary to what some people believe, bait is critical even when talking about crappie fishing. This fish is popular because it can be caught with almost any bait, but some are more effective than others. To catch a lot more crappie, you have to know the most effective baits at that time of year.

There is a lot of diversity when talking about crappie fishing baits. There are versions of live and artificial bait. We are to discuss those three that stand out as being the best, so you know what you should take with you the next time you go crappie fishing. You can simply use only one, although the proper recommendation would be to put them all in your personal bag of fishing equipment. They can be used with the same effect during both day and night, which is an advantage when fishing for crappie.

The first crappie fishing bait that we should talk about is the live minnow. It is the easiest to use and catch crappie and can be used in many situations. Live minnows are a favorite of both inexperienced and experienced crappie fishermen/women. You will not need a selection of lures if you use live minnows. You can use either hooks or jigs with a minnow. You can hook it through the eye socket, the lips, or through the base of the spine.

Next is the marabou jig. It comes with a feathery tail and a furry body. This is a very effective bait throughout the year. It is perfect when fishing requires jigging over different structures. This can be quite effective when fishing from shore, a fishing barge, or a boat.

The third selection is the various twister tail lures. These are soft body plastic lures that are used on a metal jig head. These jigs are generally small and provide good underwater action. You can use any of the many different brands, shapes, and colors. Some anglers say that you are better at using this bait instead of the live bait.

These three baits are among the ones that are really popular when crappie fishing baits. Although some people might disagree, we are sure that you will gain excellent results using them. You should start off with the live minnow since it is the easiest for beginners to use and is probably the most effective for catching crappie. You can learn to use the various artificial baits after you become more experienced in catching crappie.

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