Crappies – Fish That You Can Love

Crappies are really popular these days. Most beginners and even pro fishermen simply love to go out and catch them. (In case you are interested, this freshwater fish is scientifically known under the name of Pomoxis. There are 2 main species of Pomoxis: annularis (commonly known as white crappie) and Nigromaculatus (the black crappie).) When we are using the word crappie, we are referring to both species. Some people will tell you they prefer the taste of one over the other. However, you should know that both crappie species enjoy the same game fish popularity and the same delicious taste.

Crappie will feed in most cases on smaller species of fish. This is mainly true for adults. What is interesting is that they actually feed on young specimens of their predators. This includes the northern pike and the walleye. When there are no small fish around to feed, the diet is changed to insects, zooplankton, and even crustaceans. Crappies fish are less active during the day and a lot more active during the night. Their feeding time is during the entire night, and that is when this fish will go closer to shores or open water. You can easily catch most crappies during the night and enjoy the delicious taste they have when cooked. To make everything even better, the diversity that we see in their diet means that you can use many different methods to catch them. You can apply this in winter, too, as crappies are also active during this time.

White crappie is definitely similar to black crappie. As you surely know by the name, the black crappie does appear darker compared to the white crappie. To accurately make an identification, simply look at the fish’s dorsal fin. Black crappie has seven to eight spines. Also, black crappies fish will mostly be found in clearer waters than white crappies. Adults black crappies eat a lot more fish than white crappies.

Crappie angling is highly popular these days in North America. One popular method of catching them is spider rigging with different baits attached to each line. Most of the fishermen use live minnows, crankbaits, and jig heads made out of lead. You can also dump live bait right into the water or chum it to attract large crappies schools. Even if you choose a different method than another person, it is not important as you will surely catch crappie with ease at the end of the day.

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